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After your doctor prescribes a Takeda treatment and OnePath has made sure that you’re eligible, you’ll be introduced to your OnePath Patient Support Manager. This person will be your dedicated partner and work with you through every step of your treatment with Takeda to make sure you have access to the medication you need. How? We’re incredibly resourceful and experienced, and we’ll work tirelessly to create a personalized product support plan that’s designed for you and your family’s needs.

To ensure you get your prescribed treatment, Patient Support Managers:

OnePath Patient Support Managers provide one-on-one support

Work with you one-on-one

OnePath Patient Support Managers send & receive faxes

Send and receive faxes

OnePath Patient Support Managers wait on hold as long as needed

Wait on hold as long as necessary

OnePath Patient Support Managers provide email & phone assistance

Send emails, place calls and leave messages

OnePath® | Takeda's Personalized Product Support for Rare Diseases

Connect the right people and information

OnePath Patient Support Managers put patients first

Wake up. Put patients first. Repeat.

OnePath Patient Support Manager

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Help Navigating

If you or a loved one are starting a new therapy, you may have some questions. Will your insurance cover it? What happens if it doesn’t? What if it only covers some of the cost? Don’t worry. Your Patient Support Manager can answer your insurance questions and will guide you through the entire process.

The process starts with a thorough benefits investigation. Your Patient Support Manager will verify coverage and then explain your benefits to you. Should you have questions about your coverage and plan requirements, we’re here to help. OnePath even has team members located across the country who can work with you one-on-one to address insurance challenges or to discuss any financial barriers you may face.

If your insurance changes at any point because of a new job, marriage or other life event, your Patient Support Manager will help ensure that it does not interrupt your treatment.

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Your Patient Support Manager will review your insurance coverage with you and find out whether you're eligible for the Co-Pay Assistance Program.* The OnePath Co-Pay Assistance Program helps eligible patients cover the expense of their co-pays.

Eligible patients with commercial insurance will be covered at 100%, up to the program maximum.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The OnePath Copay Assistance Program (the Program) is not valid for prescriptions eligible to be reimbursed, in whole or in part, by Medicaid, Medicare (including Medicare Part D), Tricare, Medigap, VA, DoD, or other federal or state programs (including any medical or state prescription drug assistance programs). No claim for reimbursement of the out-of-pocket expense amount covered by the Program shall be submitted to any third party payer, whether public or private. The Program cannot be combined with any other rebate/coupon, free trial, or similar offer. Copayment assistance under the Program is not transferable. The Program only applies in the United States, including Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories, and does not apply where prohibited by law, taxed, or restricted. This does not constitute health insurance. Void where use is prohibited by your insurance provider. If your insurance situation changes you must notify the Program immediately at 1-866-888-0660. Coverage of certain administration charges will not apply for patients residing in states where it is prohibited by law. Takeda reserves the right to rescind, revoke, or amend the Program at any time without notice.

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finding financial options.

If you need help managing your out-of-pocket treatment costs, your Patient Support Manager can give you information about financial options.

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working with your pharmacy.

Some of Takeda’s medications require special handling, and that’s where a specialty pharmacy comes in. Specialty pharmacies help coordinate many aspects of care for patients taking medications that have specialized handling, storage and distribution requirements.

Your OnePath Patient Support Manager can work with the appropriate specialty pharmacy or distributor and help facilitate shipment to you or the location where you receive treatment.

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help with nursing services.

Whether your Takeda medication is administered at home or at a site-of-care, we can help coordinate professional nursing services. Or, if applicable, we can arrange for a nurse to teach you how to self-administer your medication. Your Patient Support Manager will help explain how the process works for your specific medication.

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Planning a trip?

Let your OnePath Patient Support Manager help take care of some of your important details, like making sure you have access to treatment while you’re traveling.

OnePath®  assists with access to treatment when travelling

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