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Help Knowing Your Options. A Resourceful Partner. Personalized Product Support. Here, Every Step of the Way.

The pathway to treatment is different for every patient, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. OnePath is here to help. Wondering how? Our Patient Support Managers are dedicated and experienced partners who work with you one-on-one to make sure you have access to your prescribed therapy. And, beyond your prescription, we can provide you with a range of resources as you move forward.

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OnePath Patient Support Manager

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Your Dedicated Patient Support Manager.

After enrolling in OnePath, you’ll be connected with a Patient Support Manager who will work with you one-on-one to help build your personalized product support plan. Throughout your treatment with Shire therapies, you can count on your Patient Support Manager to help tackle lots of important tasks related to your treatment, like these:

OnePath® Insurance Assistance

Navigating your insurance

What's covered? What's not? We'll provide answers and give you options.

OnePath® Co-pay Assistance

Discussing finances

We’ll help you understand your options and give you info on potential financial support.

OnePath® Specialty Pharmacy Assistance

Getting your prescription filled

We can work with your specialty pharmacy to make sure your medicine is delivered.

OnePath® Training & Nurse Support

Arranging training from a nurse

If you and your doctor decide you should schedule infusion or injection training, let us know and we’ll arrange it.*

*Applies to certain products

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OnePath is

Resources for Your Condition.

Knowledge is power. That’s why we’ve gathered resources, support group information and educational materials for the patients and families we’re dedicated to serving.

This website is full of helpful information, but talking with a real person

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